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Dr. Marva Davis

Dr. Marva Davis

Co-Owner, Senior Veterinarian

Everyone is born with a passion and a dream. At a young age, Marva Davis discovered that her passion was to take care of animals. Fast forward to today, and she is now Marva Davis, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and the proud co-owner of Sibley Animal Hospital!

Animals have always had a special place in Dr. Davis’ heart; she believes in defending and caring for creatures who can’t speak for themselves. She loves nothing more than bonding with her furry patients and their family members.

Dr. Davis spent most of her life in Richmond, VA. She had plenty of family members in the field of human medicine, but quickly discovered that the field wasn’t for her. Instead, she set her sights on her passion – caring for animals.

She graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (aka Virginia Tech), then studied veterinary medicine at Virginia Maryland Regional College. She practiced in various clinics throughout the country, from Savannah, GA to Fort Myers, FL, and each stop allowed her to gain even more experience and sharpen her knowledge in the field. While Dr. Davis loves all aspects of her job, addressing pain management for animals currently brings her the most joy. She finds helping them find comfort and relief from pain to be extremely rewarding.

A defining moment that exemplifies Dr. Davis’ loyalty to animals occurred during her final year of veterinary school. A fire alarm went off at the animal clinic one morning, and smoke started to fill the building. Instead of saving themselves, Dr. Davis and another classmate immediately thought of all the animals who were left behind locked in their cages. They went back into the building, grabbed as many leashes and dogs as possible, and rushed to take the animals outside. This display of selflessness and courage shows her undying compassion and loyalty to animals. That same compassion and loyalty to animals is the foundation upon which Sibley Animal Hospital was built!

When Dr. Davis isn’t saving animals at the hospital, you can find her at home relaxing with her husband and their bulldog, Barkley. All of her children have grown up and left home, so Barkley is the last holdout at the house. He even rides to work with her every day! With so much of her time devoted to her career, Dr. Davis hopes to one day be able to travel more, work on her photography and perhaps even rekindle her love for playing the piano.