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May 3rd Is National Specially-Abled Pets Day

May 1 2022

May 3rd is National Specially-Abled Pets Day, a special day indeed! They may be physically disabled in different ways, but these guys are all heart! 

National Specially-Abled Pets Day is celebrated every year, both nationally and internationally. On this day, we sing the praises of these heroic animals and encourage adoption throughout the year. Read on to find out more about this special day, these special pets, and how to get involved. 

History of the Day

National Specially-Abled Pets Day used to be known as National Disabled Pets Day until animal rescue advocate, Colleen Paige, the founder of Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert changed the name in 2006 to eliminate the negative stigma the word “disabled” carries. Rather, “disabled” animals are very able in every sense of the word. They’re able to love, to feel, and enjoy good and healthy lives. 

Unfortunately, these animals tend to get overlooked in shelters due to the extra care these fellas need. Actually, they can make for some of the most loving pets a family can have. For these reasons, National Specially-Disabled Pets Day was founded. 

Specially-Abled Pets 

Specially-abled pets have gone through difficult life experiences, be it due to injuries, birth flaws, or disease. But that doesn’t stop them from being their natural adorable and loving selves! And amazingly, many of these dogs and cats develop greater senses, such as an extraordinary sense of smell or keen hearing, than the average pet.

These guys come in all shapes and sizes:

Some have lost an eye or an ear

Some may have missing limbs

Some may be blind or deaf

Some may have deformities, like a leg that bends the wrong way

These animals adapt quickly despite these challenges, acting as if they’re just as able as any other pet. And just like with regularly-abled pets, a loving home goes a long way towards bringing out the very best in them. 

How Can I Get Involved?

Not everyone can adopt a specially-abled pet, but those of you who can may well find one that’s perfect for you and your family. Check with your local rescue organizations and animal shelters. Also, the website, Pets With Disabilities maintains a listing of dogs and cats across the country, from both shelters and from pet owners. 

You can also follow the stories of some “celebrity” specially-abled pets on Facebook, including Lazarus, a cat with a cleft palate, Harley, a Chihuahua with one eye, and Mr. Magoo, an adorable blind kitty.

If you have more questions about these precious pets or want to adopt one of your own, don’t hesitate to call us anytime. We can help!