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Keeping Fluffy Out Of The Tree

December 1 2021

The holidays are here! Many of us are looking forward to holiday traditions, such as parties, special events, seasonal foods and movies, and, of course, spending time with loved ones. Our feline buddies also have a few traditions of their own. At the top of that list? Wreaking havoc on your Christmas tree! A Dolton, IL vet offers some helpful tips on keeping your kitty out of mischief below.


Cats have pretty short attention spans. A new toy may very well pull Fluffy’s focus away from the tree … at least momentarily. Other potential bribes include comfy beds, kitty furniture, and, of course, empty boxes.

Kitty Workouts

Speaking of toys, playing with your feline pal can also help. If Fluffy wears herself out chasing a feather toy or the dot from a laser pointer, she may be too tired to try climbing the tree. Take a few minutes a day to play with your frisky pet.


There are things you can do to make the tree a little less tempting. Keep the shiny, fragile decorations to the top two thirds of the tree. Put only sturdy, safe things on the bottom.


It’s not a bad idea to shore up the tree a bit. Make sure you have a sturdy base! You can also secure the top of the tree to the wall or ceiling with fishing line.


If you can, put the tree in a corner. It may help if your feline buddy can only approach it from one direction. Try not to put the tree near a couch, desk, or anything else Fluffy could use as a kitty launchpad. That’s just asking for trouble! Another thing you can do is block off the tree with a puppy fence. This won’t look as pretty, but it just might do the trick.

Choose A Fake Tree

Getting an artificial tree won’t keep your furry pal from batting at ornaments. However, it may keep her from climbing it. These are also a bit safer. The needles from real trees are quite sharp, and can cause choking and/or intestinal blockages if swallowed. Plus, you can use it again next year!

All of us here at Sibley Animal Hospital, your Dolton, IL pet clinic, wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please call us with questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care!