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Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

October 7 2021

Did you know that dental issues are just as prevalent and problematic with dogs as they are for people? Over two thirds of pups over the age of three have gum disease, which has been linked to some very serious health issues. Fido can also be afflicted by misalignments, overcrowding, abscesses, and cracked or broken teeth. Of course, your canine pal really can’t care for his own choppers, so it’s up to you to keep up with his oral health care. Read on as a Calumet City, IL vet offers some advice on brushing your pet’s teeth.


You probably won’t have much luck just sticking a toothbrush into Fido’s mouth. Start slow, by just brushing his teeth and gums. Then, once your furry friend has accepted that, you can begin to incorporate doggy toothpaste and, finally, his toothbrush.

Start Young

It’s much easier to train a puppy to accept the toothbrush as part of his normal doggy routine than it is to try and get an adult pooch onboard with the process. However, if Fido is all grown up, don’t assume it’s a lost cause. You can still train an older pup to allow you to brush his teeth. It may just take more time … and more treats.

Make It Fun

Convincing Fido that doggy dental care is just part of his normal routine will be much easier if you offer fun, tempting rewards. That means treats! Praise is also important.


Make sure to only use products made specifically for dogs. Human toothbrushes aren’t angled the right way for Fido’s mouth, and our toothpastes may contain ingredients that aren’t safe for him. Plus, it’s probably safe to say that your furry bff will probably prefer a yummy chicken or beef flavored toothpaste over our minty ones.

Keep It Up

The biggest thing about brushing Fido’s teeth? Just do it! You don’t have to do your canine companion’s whole mouth every day. Just do one section a day and keep rotating. He’ll still benefit!

Alternate Options

If your canine buddy really isn’t having it, don’t force the issue. There are other things that can keep Fido’s mouth healthy, such as oral rinses, dental flakes, and dental-formula treats. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Do you know or suspect that your four-legged friend has dental issues? Contact us, your Calumet City, IL animal clinic, today!