Helpful Websites For Pet Owner

Choose websites carefully. The information on the internet is not necessarily accurate, correct, complete or reliable. This issue is especially critical for both animal and human health.

Always consider:

  • Site ownership: Who is the site’s owner or producer? Do you recognize the name? Are they reputable?
  • Currency: How often is the site revised?
  • Audience: Who are the primary users or target audience?
  • Perspective: Is there a bias or an unbalanced orientation? Is the goal to educate, sell products or support an opinion?
  • Content: Is the content informative, timely, well balanced, documented (e.g. sources are given), and accurate?
  • Authorship: Are the authors credentials known (e.g. DVM)?
  • Overall quality: Are there any obvious errors, faults or inconsistencies?
  • Understanding: These sites are for general information. Always consult your veterinarian on health matters as she/he is more familiar with your pet than the articles you read. These sites are suggested to help enhance your knowledge base and increase the pleasure and ease of caring for your friends

For information on a variety of medical and behavioral topics: A large variety of general client education topics and resources Sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association. Sponsored by Hill’s pet nutrition. Resource for raising happy kids with healthy pets, sponsored by Novartis. Sponsored by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

More specific websites: Website for canine and feline nutrition information from a veterinary nutritionist. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation on the web about nutrition. This is a reliable site. Great informational website from a boarded veterinary dentist. The Ohio State Veterinary College website on dealing with some behavior and medical problems more common in indoor cats. It also goes in to how to enrich the indoor environment to keep indoor cats happy. Website for owners of cats with asthma. Website for owners of cats with kidney disease. Listing of pet friendly hotels and tips on traveling with pets. Supportive site for people anticipating losing their pet or who have had a pet pass away. Website for the American Animal Hospital Association. Website for the Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego. Website for emergency preparedness information.

Cats only: